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Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Phoenix Rising Cubic Zirconia Pendant PE937

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Mythic symbolism: The large necklace pendant in the three-dimensional design of a phoenix is elaborately fashioned of slightly blackened 925 Sterling silver.

The wings, the body and the tail feathers are elaborately modelled in more than 6 hours of craftsmanship and are decorated with 132 zirconia stones and gemstones in white and shades of blue. Special highlights are the three swinging, aquamarine-blue stones, which are faceted in an elegant, drop-shaped diamond cut and adorn the long, curved tail feathers.

The eyes of the mythical bird sparkle within the set of black zirconia stones, which are framed by Sterling silver eyebrows. In its claws, which are engraved with delicate lines, the phoenix holds a small, shimmering freshwater pearl. The wing feathers are arranged on two levels and the eyelet of the pendant is engraved with a THOMAS SABO inscription on the back.
The artistic piece of jewellery impresses with a size of over 7 cm and can be combined with necklaces from the THOMAS SABO portfolio.

Shaped like a mythical phoenix which is rising into the air and symbolizing new beginnings, the necklace pendant is an ideal gift for special occasions.