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Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Charmista Ke2189-430-14-L45v

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Thomas Sabo Charmista KE2189-430-14-L45V


Charm Carrier: This charm necklace comprises a link necklace inspired by long anchor chains, made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver and 18k yellow-gold plating, and a beads necklace made of cultivated freshwater pearls. This results in an exciting aesthetic. The end caps are elaborately adorned with engraved lines. The charm carrier in the middle is ring-shaped and functions as a linking element. You can complement it with charms as you wish. The necklace’s length can be adjusted between 40 and 45 cm. Its end is ornamented with the THOMAS SABO Charm Club Charmista Coin which is gold-plated with 18k yellow-gold and adorned with shimmery white cold enamel. It is engravable.

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