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Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Charmista Letter Z 1963-051-14


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Charm with letter Z made of high quality 925 Sterling silver Hand-set, white zirconia stones in an elaborate pavé setting Can be combined with other charms on Charm Club bracelets and necklaces via lobster clasp Sparkling letter: Hand-set zirconia stones in white illuminate the charm in the shape of a Z. The play of colours creates an intricate pavé setting. Their play of colours is particularly intense thanks to the elaborate pavé setting. The letter charm is made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. It has a lobster clasp and can be worn on Charm Club bracelets and necklaces. Add other charm pendants to create individual jewellery creations. The letter charm is perfect for a loved one as a gift for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or a birthday.
Thomas Sabo Charmista Charm Club

Thomas Sabo Charmista

Charmistas get 15% off this item.

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