Gift giving

We’ve had some wonderful conversations with our customers around Derby, they’ve told us why they think jewellery will stand out from the crowd when it comes to gift giving this year – and we think it’s only fair that we share the love.



Engrave an anniversary, date, meaning, message or a pet name you know they’ll love. Of course, there’s other ways you can make something super personal too. Why not choose a piece of jewellery that contains their birthstone, or have your handwriting or fingerprint laser engraved onto a piece of jewellery or a gift, lockets also make the perfect personal gift, containing a photograph of a treasured moment.


There is more jewellery out there than just the classic necklet, rings and bracelets… Our customers tell us often how much they’ve appreciated our opinions and input when buying for a loved one, that we’ve always helped them find the perfect gift. Why not give us a call and tell us about the person you’re buying for, with your knowledge of the person you’re buying for and our expertise in jewellery you’ll find something extraordinary that goes way beyond expectations.


Jewellery is memorable, always. We know that. But elevate the experience of gifting jewellery by thinking out the entire present moment. If you’re able to be with them when they open the gift, try to think of ways to make the experience even longer! Want to make the gift-giving experience last all evening? Create a treasure hunt! Do you want to make them feel utterly pampered? Think about their idea of a perfect moment and build the gift into that.


Remember a special moment you shared, a moment you both treasure, but as the years drift by, it fades. Your local jeweller can help keep it alive – that’s where we come in! Tell us about the occasion, where you were, what made it so important or memorable – you’ll love the creative suggestions you get back!

Something to open, something to touch, something to love is going to mean so much to someone – especially for those times when we want to be together but aren’t able to be. As jewellers, we’re hearing so many great ideas all the time, ways to really pamper loved ones near and far. Get in touch and we’ll share the best ones with you – or we’ll work on something that’s really personal to you!


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